Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Maki Sandwich

Instructional Video: Maki Sandwich

  •  pullman bread
  •  kraft eden cheese
  •  1 can evaporated milk
  •  1 bread crumbs
  •  cheesedogs / ham

1.  Remove sides of the bread.
Flatten the bread using a rolling pin.

3.  Pour the bread crumbs in a tray pan.

4.  Pour the evaporated milk in a tray pan.

5.  Slice cheese in about 0.5 cm.

6.  Cook the cheesedogs.
Slice these cheesedogs in 4 equal sides.
First slice it into half.
then, slice the half part into half again.
(4 equal sides)

1.  Place the flattened bread in a plate.

2.  Dip the bread in the milk.

3.  Place the cheese and cheesedog above the bread.

4.  Roll the bread forward, pressing firmly the ingredients inside.

5.  Roll the maki sandwich bread with bread crumbs in the pan.

6.  Prepare the cooking pan with oil for deep frying. Pre-heat it.

7.  Remove the rolled maki sandwich bread in the pan once it turned into golden brown.

8.  Cut the Maki Sandwich into a bite-sized pieces.